Accounting with Tally.ERP 9

The Program on Accounting with Tally.ERP9 will be one of the three programs launched by Hi Tech under the Financial Accounting Programs with Tally.ERP9 which would enable the students to record the business transactions and manage the accounts information for an organization using the popular Tally Business Accounting Software. In addition, students will be able to solve his/her day-to-day tasks efficiently by using the various Office productivity tools such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, generally used for financial analysis and report making.


Accounting with Tally.ERP 9

  • 1. Overview : Computerized and Manual Accounting
  • 2. Tally Software overview, Installation and Hardware Configuration: Tally ERP9 Installation, Configuration, License Activating, Education and Professional License.
  • 3. Introduction : Component of Getway of Tally, Product Info, Current Status, Tally Menu, Button Bar, Tally Calculator/Command Line, New Features in Tally ERP 9, Multi Lingual Features.
  • 4. Company Creation : Company Creation, Company Information, Base Currency Particulars, Select Company, Shut Company, Current period, Alteration of Company, Deletion of company.
  • 5. Setup Features: Company Operation Setup, General Features, Accounting Features, Inventory Features, Advance Company Features, Vat and Tax Class.
  • 6. Accounts Master: Case Conversion, Account Master Configuration Options, Account Group, Advance Options, Account Ledger, Opening Balance, Credit limits, Multiple Ledgers and Multiple Groups, Group Alter, Creation and Delete. Ledger Alter Creation and Delete, Voucher Alter, Creation and Delete.
  • 7. Inventory Master: Inventory Info Menu, Stock Group, Unit of Measure Single and Compound, Stock Item, Creating Godown, Godown wise Allocation of Opening Stock, Batch Detail in Opening Stock, Stock Item, Stock Categories.
  • 8. Voucher Creation/Entry: Cost Center and Cost Categories: Voucher, Voucher Entry, Voucher Body(To/By or Dr. Cr.), Ledger Account, Buttons at Voucher Entry Screen, Contra Voucher, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Bill Details and Interest in Voucher, Alteration, Deletion " Cancelation of Voucher, Credit Limit Warning, Single Entry System, Double Entry System, Cost Category and Cost Center, Cost Center Classes.
  • 9. Account Reports: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trail Balance, Day Book, Outstanding Report, Interest Calculations, Account Book, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Retio Analysis. Cost Category Summary.
  • 10. Inventory Voucher : Configuration Set up for Inventory Voucher, Company Features Set up for Inventory Vouchers, Inventory Voucher Type, Inventory Voucher Entry, Sales Invoice Entry, Configuration set up for Inventory Voucher, Debit Note, Credit Note, Tracking Number, Delivery Note, Order Entries, Rejection Entries, Purchase Invoice.
  • 11. Vat/Tax : Value Added Tax, VAT Activation for Company, VAT Classification, Ledger Set up for VAT, Invoice Printing Configuration, Invoice using Voucher Class, VAT Ledger Creation, VAT Reports.
  • 12. Inventory Report : Stock Summary, Buttons, Stock Item Display, Stock Item Printing, Stock Group Analysis, Stock Category Analysis, Sale Register, Purchase Register, Negative Stock Report, Summary Display, Stock Query.
  • 13. Voucher Types and Voucher Classes : Voucher Types, Creation of Voucher Types, Voucher Numbering, Restart Numbering, Display of Voucher Type, Alteration of Voucher Type, Voucher Class, Voucher Class Creation.
  • 14. Manufacturing: Bill of Materials, Stock Journal Voucher, Stock Transfer, Physical Stock Register, Production, Raw Material, Finished Goods, Production Cost.
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  • 15. Bank Reconciliation Statement: Bank Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation Start Date.
  • 16. Interest Calculation: Tally Configuration Set up for Interest Calculation, Company Operation Set up for Interest, Advance Interest Computation, Interest Calculation, Ledger Interest, Interest Display, Interest Charging.
  • 17. Price List and Discount: Price List, Price List Options Set up, Price Linking at Customer Ledger Account, price List Entry, Invoice Entry Using Price List, Discount in Invoice.
  • 18. Point of Sale : POS Invoice, POS Register, Multiple Payment System.
  • 19. Payroll : Enable Payroll in Tally, Pay Heads, Employee Groups, Employee, Salary Details, Attendance and Production Type, Attendance Voucher, Auto Fill, Payroll Voucher Entry, Payroll Reports, Loan Management in Tally Payroll.
  • 20. House Keeping: Backup, Restore, Moving to new Financial Year, Splitting Company Date, Creation of Group Company, Export and Import Data.
  • 21. Security and Maintenance : Security, Security Control, Security Types, Tally Vault, Users and Password, Tally Vault New Company, Tally Vault Existing company, Change Tally Vault Password.
  • Career Options :
    Accountant, Cashier

    Course Duration :
    1.5 Month

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