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Microsoft Office Application course includes various applications like Word which is required for creating and editing documents, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for creating presentations, Access software for creating databases and other.
The course is designed to cover every levels, from beginners to advanced. which is mainly focused beiginers to advance user who don't have computer skills. Our Hi Tech Training provides Starting level to advance level that courses includes windows operation system, fundamental of computer, word exccel powerpoint, internet and othe utilities.
 Module Covered
  • Operating windows base symtem
  • Managing and file handeling
  • Creating Professional Document like: Resume, paper, identity card,visiting card, book letterpad, logo design and many more
  • Page layout and Printing a document
  • Typing both language nepali and English
  • Design office level graphic and contents
  • Document Customization
  • Mailmerge system handeling
  • Creating Presentation saving and printing with security
  • Customization a presentation
  • Fundamental of Internet and Email
  • Email sending and receiving with attachment including Skype, Nimbuz, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail Facebook,
  • Downloading Video, Audio and Images
  • Search Engine
  • Online Radio, News, TV etc.
  • Presenting and Managing Data Effectively Using Microsoft Office Excel
  • Work with an Excel worksheet by entering and selecting the data in it
  • Modify a worksheet
  • Perform calculations
  • Ledger Creation
  • Budget and Scenario Manager
  • Stock and Inventory Controlling System
  • Salary Sheet Preparation
  • Mark Ledger Creation
  • Electricity and Telephone Billing System
  • Discount Bill and Interest Calculation System
  • Validation Rule and Conditional Formatting
  • Chart and Pivot Table
  • Data Base Security and Management System
  • Index Creation
  • Formatting and Functions
  • Filter and Sorting
  • Function
  • School and Business Projects
  • Print workbook contents
  • Quick Admission

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    Our SuccessFul Students

    Narayan Dangi
    Position:  Computer Teacher
    Faculty:  B.ED
    College:  RBC
    Working In: Muna Boarding School
    Sushil Chaudhari
    Position:  Computer Teacher
    Faculty:  ISC
    College:  GJHSS
    Working In: Hi Tech Technology
    Ganga Kumari Khatri
    Position:  Accountant
    Faculty:  BBS
    College:  Novex International
    Working In: Sahakari Development Bank
    Dipika Dhakal
    Position:  Anchor
    Faculty:  B.Ed
    College:  RBB
    Working In: Radio Sarayuganga
    Tara Bahadur Oli
    Position:  Accountant
    Faculty:  BBS
    College:  Novex International
    Working In: Pashupati Galla Supplyers
    Bijaya Kumar Dangi 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: Bhargav Bikas Bank
    Prabhat Bhandari 
    Position: Radio Technician
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Radio Doti FM
    Ekraj Rijal 
    Position: Radio Technician
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Radio Hamro Pahunch FM
    Pradip Adhikari 
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Life Vision Boarding School
    Subash Bhattarai 
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: BA
    College: RBC
    Working In: Public Gyan Jyoti
    Sunita Yogi 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: +2
    College: Mahendra HSS Pawannagar
    Working In: Development Bank
    Narayan Dhital 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: Sunil Traders
     Raju Budha
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: Rapti Bidhya Mandir
    Working In: DNGOCC
     Bikram kawar
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: B.Ed
    College: Rapti Babai
    Working In: Children Heaven Boarding
     Dammar Dangi
    Position: Asst. Computer Teacher
    Faculty: B.Ed
    College: Rapti Babai Campus
    Working In: Hi Tech Technology
     Basant Nepali
    Position: Sr. Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: DMEK
     Bibek Budha
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: +2
    College: Public Gyan Jyoti
    Working In: Rudhra Trading co.

    Endless Career Potions

    What does the future look like for the Hi-Techian? Promising. In more ways than one. You can choose from a variety of career options. From Hardware & Networking, Web 2.0 Designing & Development, Software Development, Graphic Designing, Accountancy and OIT Management. Join Hi Tech. Decide what you want be. And, leave the rest to us.

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