Web 2.0 Trends

tempTo design today's Web sites, you need a complete skill set with web 2.0 programming. It's not enough to simply develop a visual design. Clients expect you to be able to research, plan, build, design, and test a site, using contemporary technologies and design styles. Web 2.0 programs are the buzzword in recent times. A new trend of the World Wide Web,"Web 2.0"presents a developed and more advanced form of web technology. Eye-catching, simple, bright and usable designs that delight the human eye are the benchmarks of Web 2.0 programming and designing.

Module-1 Web Designing Module-2 Web Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW
  • Concepts of Graphics
  • Typography and color system
  • Elements, object, texture
  • Vector and Raster Graphics
  • Image editing
  • Logo designing
  • Media Publishing
  • Advertisement and Print Media
  • Web File Formats
  • Micromedia Flash, Adobe Flash
  • Banner & icons
  • Flash Intro
  • Flash based website
  • Product's Presentation
  • Basic Scripting
  • Flash Base Photogallery
  • 2D Animation
  • Animation effects
  • Web Animation
  • Module-3 Web Development
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, FTP
  • Principles of Web Design
  • Designing & Planning Web Pages
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Creating Web Templates
  • Preparation Website layouts
  • Creative Web Template Design
  • Web 2.0 & 3.0
  • Implementing jQuery
  • Implementing Java Script
  • Web Application Desing
  • E-Learning
  • Static vs Dynamic WebSite
  • FTP Control
  • cPanel Control and management
  • Domain name and Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Career Options :
    Web Designer, Animator, Graphic Designer

    Course Duration :
    6 Month

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    Our SuccessFul Students

    Narayan Dangi
    Position:  Computer Teacher
    Faculty:  B.ED
    College:  RBC
    Working In: Muna Boarding School
    Sushil Chaudhari
    Position:  Computer Teacher
    Faculty:  ISC
    College:  GJHSS
    Working In: Hi Tech Technology
    Ganga Kumari Khatri
    Position:  Accountant
    Faculty:  BBS
    College:  Novex International
    Working In: Sahakari Development Bank
    Dipika Dhakal
    Position:  Anchor
    Faculty:  B.Ed
    College:  RBB
    Working In: Radio Sarayuganga
    Tara Bahadur Oli
    Position:  Accountant
    Faculty:  BBS
    College:  Novex International
    Working In: Pashupati Galla Supplyers
    Bijaya Kumar Dangi 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: Bhargav Bikas Bank
    Prabhat Bhandari 
    Position: Radio Technician
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Radio Doti FM
    Ekraj Rijal 
    Position: Radio Technician
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Radio Hamro Pahunch FM
    Pradip Adhikari 
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: BBS
    College: RBC
    Working In: Life Vision Boarding School
    Subash Bhattarai 
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: BA
    College: RBC
    Working In: Public Gyan Jyoti
    Sunita Yogi 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: +2
    College: Mahendra HSS Pawannagar
    Working In: Development Bank
    Narayan Dhital 
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: Sunil Traders
     Raju Budha
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: Rapti Bidhya Mandir
    Working In: DNGOCC
     Bikram kawar
    Position: Computer Teacher
    Faculty: B.Ed
    College: Rapti Babai
    Working In: Children Heaven Boarding
     Dammar Dangi
    Position: Asst. Computer Teacher
    Faculty: B.Ed
    College: Rapti Babai Campus
    Working In: Hi Tech Technology
     Basant Nepali
    Position: Sr. Accountant
    Faculty: BBS
    College: TU
    Working In: DMEK
     Bibek Budha
    Position: Accountant
    Faculty: +2
    College: Public Gyan Jyoti
    Working In: Rudhra Trading co.

    Web & Graphic Design

    Web designing is very essential and important part of IT industry. There are various skills required while designing a web site. A web designer must have proper knowledge of the contents which are required to be covered in the website. Graphics i.e. colors, patterns, textures and effects should always been clear and effective. There should not be a hint of impatience in your design.
    Conceptual designing also plays an important role in designing web site .The needs of business, industry; education and public sector have made very good use of web services. The only way to success is through the right path and that's what we provide you.

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